Who we are

Hells Gate Gaming is an Australian and New Zealand team of mature friends who enjoy on line racing,fps and rts online, so join us in teamspeak and in-game for some good old gaming and laughs.

We have a strict NO cheating and NO bad Language policy in place.



From the admins


HGG`s Arma2 Friday Fight Night

Capture The Flag & Team Death Match

Starts 7:30pm Brisbane Time

9:30pm NZ Time Zone


NEW TeamSpeak



Welcome To Our New Members




HGG-Jihad Joe


HGG-Natural Khaos




Lingor v1.337 Released 05-04-2012






Beer is good. roflmao :)









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 Events And Updates
New servers x3

We have 2 servers running rfactor both with diffrent mods please join ts for details

Ace,Life and other mods.

Server 1is running ACE IS lingor island

Sever 2 is running Life
Server 3 normal OA. with ctf maps installed. 

Battlefield 3

yes we play it but are

we any good???

no we not :(